Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five: New to me....

Jan, over at RevGals offers this Friday Five:
Only afterwards, do we realize that we have “found” something that we like–like a new way to look at something; a new (to me) author; a new song or hymn; a new food. Today share with us something that you like that seemed surprisingly “new” to you sometime in the near past. It could even be a RE-discovery.
Here is a list, but you can choose your own five items you would like to share! Please join us today in playing FF.
1. author - When I find an author I like I tend to read all of the books written by that person. Lately I've read a lot of Anna Quindlan. I also really like novel written by Amanda Eyre Ward. But mostly I am reading books for the Spiritual Direction Internship and the Family Systems workshops I am taking this fall. They are excellent books - Extraordinary Relationships, by Roberta M. Gilbert, for example, is fabulous. 
2. shampoo - My latest favorite shampoo is a brand I found at "Sally's" that does not use any of the usual sodium laureate, etc. to make the shampoo extra bubbly. It's a clean product with less stuff in it, a gentle fragrance and never leaves a residue on my scalp. I seem to be particular sensitive to shampoo and conditioner residue. For example as much I love the concept of AVEDA it's products are too rich. Other brands like Redkin require me to switch my shampoo every so often to give my scalp some relief. But this shampoo (I don't know what it's called) has not had that affect of me. 
3. food - Poblanaro peppers and Spanish smoked paprika are two of my favorite food items this summer. I've used them in a lot. Also, a colleague made a jar of jalapeño jelly (if you attended the RevGals Re-Group last week you may have tried it), and it is delicious on corn bread.
4. activity - I don't really have any new actives in my life - except working to make sure I find time to rest.
5. music - I don't listen to much music these days, either. I used to listen to music in the car, and spent a lot of time driving, but not so much these days. Now when I drive I listen to the radio but never really know the names of the bands being played. It's sad, I know. Some day I'll get back to listening to music again. 


Anonymous said...

Love jalapeno jelly. Where I was first introduced to it the jelly was spooned over a brick of cream cheese. Delish with Wheat Thins.


Terri said...

Yes, it was served over cream cheese when we had it at the regroup last weekend.

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