Friday Five: some silliness and some seriousness....

Over at the RevGals, Karla offers this Friday Five:

1.  What have you got going on today? I hope to get my sermon written today, because my husband is off work tomorrow (he often works on Saturdays) and the church has a fundraiser for the youth pilgrimage this summer. Thus, there will be too many distractions tomorrow to write a sermon. So far I have already ridden the recumbent indoor bike for 60 minutes and read "Feasting on the Word" in preparation for writing the sermon. I have a few ideas.....
2.  What about a prayer request, how can we pray for you today? I am still on the mend from six weeks of viral/bacterial cold/bronchitis/sinus infection crud, prayers for ongoing healing are appreciated. 
3.  What makes you curious? After years of interior peacefulness, my inner life is being stirred up. I have no idea what this means or what will come of it. I don't particularly like it, especially at my age (58), when all I really want to do is settle in until retirement, do some good work, but not be STIRRED UP. Oh, God, what do you have in mind for me, now? So, I am curious to see how this unfolds and what comes from it. I'm not expecting anything too dramatic, but it may be transformative, regardless. 
4.  If you got stuck in an elevator for three hours, (if that is too scary, locked in a room or stuck in a traffic jam), and could magically have any book or activity appear in a pouf to you to while away the time, what would it be? If I were stuck some place for three hours (and it's happened to me in traffic jams...oh how I hate that), I hope for a couple of things: water and coffee, my kindle so I can read, my cell phone so I can call people or play solitaire. Of course if I were to drink that water and coffee I'd also need a bathroom...
5.  Use these words in a sentence.   Thirteen, lampshade, [a historical person, like Cotton Mather or Judy Garland} basket, hedgehog, and daffodils. I would love to take a thirteen day vacation Hilary Clinton wherein she could tell me stories about women around the world, and her work for justice, while we carried lampshade shaped baskets and gathered hedgehogs and daffodils. 


theedgeishere said…
Enjoy the Saturday with your husband. And yes...those traffic jams are awful. We missed one by two blocks a couple of nights off early enough to take an alternate route.


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