Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Five: Leftovers

Deb, over at RevGals offers this Friday Five:

... being thankful is a spiritual discipline. So I invite you to list five things, people, events or pets that you are truly thankful for this year.

BONUS: As spiritual careGIVERS we often forget to plan time to care for ourselves and we end up getting the dregs of our energies and self-care. What are you doing to make sure you aren’t getting the LEFTOVERS of your schedule for self care?

1. On Nov. 5, 2002 we adopted Ruby (sorry for the scary dog eye glare...) she was a great dog. Playful, always happy, very attune to my feelings, a joy and a delight.  She died a few weeks ago, suddenly, at the age of 13, leaving me bereft. I am so grateful that she found us and for the gift she was in our lives. 

2. Then we were found by this pup:

We named her Delilah (Lila). She is sweet pup - playful, yet calm. She's been a source of healing and love in our family. And, oddly enough I realized that we adopted her on Nov. 5, 2015 - thirteen years to the day that we got Ruby. Perhaps there is a "thin" place in that realm of after life where dogs go...?

3. Family: This year, my daughter, Jessica, and son in law, Keith were able to come up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. As a result Jess and I were able to do a lot the Thanksgiving meal prep together, which was really fun. Keith and our son Peter did some bonding over computer stuff, and then helped Dan hang lights outside and bring up Christmas decorations. 

4. Traditions: We have created a family tradition of cutting down a live Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning. Then, because Jess and Keith will drive home today we decorated it last night. (note the cat under the tree, her favorite spot)...

5. More traditions: We have had a family tradition of going to a movie on the day after Thanksgiving since Jess was 2 years old (25 years ago). That first year we saw "Little Mermaid." Every year since we've gone to a movie. Today we are going to see "Mockingjay part 2." 

I grew up in a family that was disconnected from one another and our extended family members, by virtue of distance and also our family emotional system - lots of cut-offs. As a result much of my life has been focused on creating traditions and building family and trying to sustain relationships. I am Thankful for the relationships I do have, for the family I have, and for our little traditions that build memories, anchor us in a history, and mark the passage of time. 

6. Bonus: taking care of myself is crucial. Generally I do this by exercising, eating well, practicing yoga and meditation, and getting regular chiropractic adjustments and massages. I carry a lot of stress in my body which has resulted in digestive issues and tight muscles. The self care I practice on a daily basis helps me manage both the stress and how it manifests physically and psychologically. 

On another note: we don't have many leftovers this year so we may have to order Chinese take-out tonight... :-) 


Deb said...

DAILY self care is to important. I appreciate that reminder!
Love that your new pup was adopted on the same day as your beloved Ruby. A precious gift, indeed!

Elaine said...

I love your day after tradition...there are plans in the works to see Mockingjay II on Saturday here. Such a great tree/kitty photo. So far OZ seems uninterested in the tree and lights. No ornaments yet...this weekend for that as well.


p.s. My Wordpress account is not being neighborly with Blogger these I'll comment without a link to my blog.

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