“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Five: Adieu Karla.....

RevKarla, over at the RevGals blog offers this, her final Friday Five meme after 8 years of hosting the game (thank you Karla!):

1.  What are you wearing right now?  (a question from my first FF play.) I bought a new pair of jeans the other day, a pair that actually fit me, so I am wearing them along with a black cotton turtleneck and a sweater, and a pair cute sketchers shoes. 
2.  What are you having for lunch (or dinner)?  (another question from my first FF play.) I will probably have carrot/ginger soup for lunch with toast and peanut butter. Dinner will be left overs: ham, smoked polish sausage, homemade potatoes au gratin, salad (finishing off the belated Easter dinner). 
3.  Share an experience of community that was transformative or precious to you. Being part of church communities for almost thirty years has certainly influenced my life. Thankfully my first adult experience of church community was a gift and a blessing of other young families with children, offering me companionship and playdates when I was raising children. That experience  eventually led me to embrace God's call to become a parish priest. 
4.  Describe your favorite mug or glass. A number of years ago I bought a huge coffee mug at a Starbucks in a hotel I was staying in while attended a convention. It's white with swirls of lavender and lime green, I've never seen another one like it. I put it away when I pulled out the Christmas season mugs and this reminds me to look for it....(and put away the Christmas mugs, lol). (yes, I have so many mugs I have to cycle them in and out of use)....
5.  Give a shout out to a friend or colleague! A number of my seminary friends and colleagues from around the church world are RevGals - and of course I have a number of RevGal friends whom I have never met in real life. Love to all of you!