Friday, January 01, 2016

Friday Five: Blank Slate

3dogmom, over at the RegGalBlogPals blog offers this Friday Five:

So here it is, the first day of a brand new year. Let’s try a less conventional lens to think about the blank slate of 2016 with these prompts. The questions are intended to help explore the category–how you answer is up to you!
Share with us what new horizons might be in your sights related to:
Food: I have made a lot of food and entertained a fair amount over Christmas and New Years. It's been fun, and something I like to do. However, in 2016 I'd like to explore some new restaurants in my area - we hardly ever go out to eat, it would be nice to check out some of the local favorites. 
Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic: I am currently reading the 8th book from the Outlander series. I hear Diana Gabaldon is writing a ninth...not sure when it is due. I have not yet read the last released book from Julia Spencer Flemming, which I have in hard copy, signed by the author. Perhaps I'll get to that this year, before she releases the next one. :-) I have done almost no "creative" writing on my blog, I am in a real dry spell - or rather, the things I'd write about are not things I want accessible, yet, to a wide audience. 
Relating: I do hope to increase my work with clergy/congregation wellness and conflict reconciliation. I am doing some of this kind of work around the diocese. I also hope that we actually get some refugees, as we anticipated, into the area, and can do some of that important work. And, perhaps I'll find a Spiritual Director this year. I have worked with two different Spiritual Directors over the years, about 18 years of the last 20, but haven't had one since my last one retired and moved away two years ago. 
Mother Earth: No trips planned, thus far for this year. However next year, when I turn 60, I hope to do some traveling with my daughter and a friend and then with my husband. 
Creating: I am in the middle of three knitting projects: two hat and matching scarf sets and the second sock of a set I've been working on (or not working on) since last summer. 
A different kind of bonus: Parker Palmer has an excellent blog post about five new year’s revolutions that I found inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking. Consider it an eighth day of Christmas gift! And may the year ahead bless you in all your endeavors and pathways in life.

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altar ego said...

Glad you mentioned Julia Spencer-Fleming. I read one of hers long ago, and it's time to return to her work. Sounds like your writing efforts have a broader purpose? Looking forward to hearing more about that when the time is right. Thanks for playing, and Happy New Year to you!

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