“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Four Things

I've been tagged by Presbyteriangal...

Four jobs I've held:
1. Technical Director for a Dance Theater shop. I designed the lights and ran the technical end of dance concerts for every weekend and most week nights for four years. Until all the concerts began to look alike and then I left.
2. Next I sold shoes and hiking boots at Eddie Bauer on Wabash Avenue in Chicago.
3. Then I spent four years working for a VERY FAMOUS interior designer, but oh was he nuts. Really cruel and out there. But talented.
After that I was a stay at home mom and then went to school to be a trained and licensed Massage Therapist (not a masseuse). And from there I became an Episcopal priest. Go figure....

Four films I could watch over and over:
1. The Count of Monte Cristo - I really like how the main character evolves and is really out for revenge but then softens when he realizes that the love of his life has always loved him. (Ok he still does the revenge stuff, but he changes tactics).
2. The Italian Job - I love the whole get it back, but it's not about the money (ok, it is about the money, but I also like Mark Wahlberg in this film and Charliez Theron). (Maybe it was the mini-coopers)
3. Bourne Identity - I like Matt Damon (and again, the mini-cooper)
4. Freaky Friday - I like Jamie Lee Curtis and I can totally relate to this movie

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Boston Legal (on shortly). I love the fast paced dialogue with a hint of social commentary and justice. (sometimes more than a hint, it's a 2X4).
2. How I met your mother.
3. ER(I know I should be way over it. I am like an addict to this, I just keep coming back for more).
4. Grays Anatomy (need I say more)
5. Men in trees (although I dunno, it was losing me after awhile, we'll see how it goes)
6. and I have to add, The Riches. It's Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, wow

Four places I've lived:
1. Salt Lake City, Utah
2. Nampa, Idaho (home of the flat topped mountains)
3. Waupun, Wis. (home of the state prison)
4. Fort Worth, Texas (in 1971)

Four favorite foods:
1. Sushi
2. Chocolate
3. Sushi
4. almost all vegetables, raw, steamed, or baked.

Four websites I visit every day:
1. CNN
2. Bank
3. Episcope (for news on the Episcopal Church)
4. New York Times

Four favorite colors:
1. Green (teal)
2. Blue (bright)
3. Pink (soft)
4. black (I wear it all the time)

Four places I would love to be right now:
1. Sleeping in a cottage in the country where I could keep the windows open for the fresh air and breeze and crickets (but no traffic).
2. In a really nice hotel with fine linens and room service and my hard working husband. (not working).
3. In my father's mountain cabin with a raging fire in the fire place, my family around me, and a good meal on the table.
4. Sitting around a room with my good friends, a fine glass of wine, and lots of laughter.

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children:
Megan (husband did not like)
Deanna (husband wanted, I did not)
Roland (grandfather's name. I like it but what do a call a child named Roland? Rolly?)...
Henry (my FIL name, but well, it just seemed too old for a kid today and kinda dorky..sorry FIL, it never made me love you less)....

Ok. Now. who shall I tag...I'll think about it and post later. Or, if you want to play, please do and let me know!

Safe and Sound plus other stuff on this crazy day

Some days just seem to go off kilter. I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious about Ryan and the timing of his arrival. But the morning went well. We heard from him about 8:15. He was at the airport in Atlanta about to board a flight to Chicago. My daughter would be able to pick up! This was very exciting. She hasn't seen him since he was home 10 months ago, before he was deployed to Afghanistan. So. Very exciting that she could get him.

So, I exercised and showered and did some work, and prepared for my lunch meeting and afternoon meeting. She took off to get Ryan. And that's when everything began to unravel.

Not bad, just little anxious things. All day. First. The airport is under construction. Signage is bad. She got turned around and couldn't get back to the correct parking lot nor to the arrivals. She called me panicked. I talked her down, all the while wishing I had gone with...sigh...even and 19 I want to do for her...but she managed to get herself back around and to arrivals. Not an easy feat in Chicago when the entire highway system around the airport is also under construction with exits closed and entrances blocked. But she did.

She called again to say she had been waiting at arrivals for a while and couldn't find him. We were worried about her getting a ticket because the Chicago police will ticket you while you sit there waiting to pick someone up. But finally she saw him and he saw her.

I got to see Ryan for 3 seconds between the time he arrived here and I left for my meeting. It was a lovely lunch with a young mom and her 19 month adopted son from Guatemala. But it took a long time. I had to rush from there to the pet store for dog food and then to the 3:00pm meeting I was hosting. That meeting lasted longer than anticipated and I arrived home to an anxious husband. Our son left his sweater at school with his Mp3 player in the pocket. He needed a ride back. SO. off we went. But no luck, it's gone. More anxiety. He'd only had it for two weeks. It took all our spare income to get it. It will not be easy to replace. Won't happen any time soon. Sigh. He feels bad. I feel bad. My husband had to rush off to work, feeling bad. And on top of it, it seems he did not know I had that 3:00 meeting so he's been anxiously waiting for me to come home from the lunch...sigh...I could swear I told him. But no. I think he and I have got to figure out how to communicate amongst all of our busyness. Because we don't need anymore angst than we have. Certainly not from little things we can manage, like confirming schedules.

Anyway. My daughter is at work. Ryan is off doing who knows what, but he's here safe and sound. My son is grieving. I feel bad about my son, my husband, and my day..... Some days just go off kilter. And now it's about to rain so the dogs won't get walked...sigh.

I hope your day was better.

Ryan Update

He is boarding his flight in Atlanta and will arrive at O'Hare a little after 11am Chicago time. Our daughter (his girlfriend) will be able to meet him at the airport. Now I just pray that the fog lifts and he is not delayed in the air...