“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Morning

This morning has dawned crisp, cool, and sunny. The record breaking heat wave is broken, fall has returned. I didn't really mind having summer back, even though fall was but an infant when summer blew back. Still it was hot and we are all ready for cooler temperatures. In the heat the leaves, which were changing colors, just dried up. Now, maybe the rest of the leaves have a chance to turn into glorious fall colors.

I had an interesting weekend. First I hosted the RevGals Preacher Party on Saturday. That was fun to create and stay connected with all day. It is a little intimidating, at first, to put up ones creation on such a public event, and hope it works. I am so grateful to the RevGals community for the support I have received over the last year. I'm happy to give back by taking on some of the leadership responsibilities.

Sunday I had a parishioner preach. It was the first in a series for the month of Oct. called, "Why I Come to Small Church." He did a nice job. I helped him connect his thoughts to the readings. Interestingly enough, what he was saying about his faith journey and his experience of worshiping at our church fit in well with the readings. There's the Holy Spirit for ya.

Sadly, though, being Columbus Day weekend, many of my parishioners were out of town. Between our two services we had less than 30 people. LESS THAN 30! Usually we are around 60. How can half the congregation be gone over one weekend?

Which makes wonder once again about the viability of small church. I got a call late Friday from a Deployment Officer for a Diocese that has been courting me. I have been in 4 search process for this diocese and not been offered a call by any of them. (Actually only one of the four was an exciting good fit, the others were all iffy, so I'm ok that none offered a call). Still. It brings up, yet again, do I stay or do I go. What makes it all the more difficult is that this Diocese is across the country, in the Southwest. I have to call this Deployment Officer back today and let him know if I am interested in having my name and materials submitted. This church seems to be good, so it has loads of potential. And it's BIG, so I appreciate that the Bishop thinks I am qualified to (potentially) lead it. Ahhh, so. I guess I'm going to put my name forth. Sigh.

Yesterday my family and I went into Chicago. Husband, daughter, Ryan, son, and son's friend, and me. We went to the Shedd Aquarium where I saw the Komodo dragon (woa).

Had a delicious lunch overlooking Lake Michigan.

Then Ryan and daughter went to the Dolphin show and the Field Museum

while the rest of us walked up to the Art Institute. Son and son's friend are taking a photography class in school. I thought they might see art in a new way now that they are actually working on it themselves. After the Art Institute we walked back the Shedd, past Buckingham Fountain, to the garage where our car was parked.

Last night I grilled Steelhead Lake Trout and steak. We ate that with some homemade pasta salad and potato salad (that I had made the day before) and steamed asparagus. We had a family dinner, laughing and sharing stories about our day. Good day.

Today, we are all back to our daily stuff. Work. School. And in Ryan's case, vacation. He's home until a week from Sunday. He has to be at the airport at 8:00am on Oct. 21 to return to Afghanistan. Sigh. Really enjoy having him home, having our family together. Although he is our daughter's boyfriend he is like a son to us and fits in so well with our family. After four years (they met when daughter was a sophmore and he was a senior in High School) I think he's a part of us forever.

Well. That's what's been happening in my world. Hope all is well with all of you...