“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Few Things I'm Getting Tired Of

Last night while watching "Boston Legal" James Spader's character was arguing a case for a 15 year old girl. His character (whose name I can never remember) usually gets the best cases to argue. And he always makes a strong case for some issue we are facing in our country. Last night in his closing argument he brought up "faith based" initiatives and how the "current administration" has broken the boundary between Church and State.

It gave me pause to think. I really appreciate that prime time television is taking on major issues and arguing them a moral and ethical point of view. I appreciate that they bring faith and religion into the mix.

I am tired of people in the media, whether a TV program, the news, the radio, the newspaper, defining faith ONLY through the lens of ultra-conservative, sometimes fundamentalist, Christianity.

There is a more diverse perspective in this country. There are deeply caring thoughtful people of faith from all across the spectrum who are wrestling with the issues we face today. But only one perspective makes the news. Or at least the headlines, the other perspectives may be buried in the article or a subtext to program, however most people stop reading or their attention wanders before getting that far.

I am tired of the idea that there is a separation of church and state when in this country there really isn't. And, I'm not sure we should go on pretending there is. I think we need to have a broader range of faith based voices speaking up and discussing issues.

I'm tired of headlines about schism. As if THAT is the issue...

I'm tired of anything having to do with Brittany, Lindsay, Paris, or Nicole.

I'm tired of the media obsession with Diana, let the woman rest in peace.

I'm tired of Presidential debates.

I'm tired of media speculation about everything and anything.

I'm tired of the war and the lying and the torture.

I'm tired of an administration that acts like a school yard bully.

I'm tired of studies that indicate this or that causes cancer.

And then next week a study that counters the previous one. I'm tired of those too.

I'm tired of reality TV shows and bad comedy, cop shows, and doctor shows...

I'm not in a bad mood today. I'm not whiny. I'm just sayin'...

...what about you? What are you tired of?