Approaching 50: reflection on chin stubble

Ok, I won't actually be 50 until February. But I am already thinking about it. My husband, who is younger than I by10 months, will turn 49 in Dec., and then wammo, I turn 50. At this moment, the aspect about turning 50 that most consumes me: those hairs, the coarse stubble growing on my chin.

Eleven years ago, when I started seminary, I first noticed these hairs. One here or there, usually under my chin, an area approaching my neck - almost impossible to pluck those hairs out....Now they grow in clusters on one side of my chin. Coarse and sharp and a bunch of them all at once. I could wax them off, but first I'd have to tolerate their growth until they were long enough to wax....And when I pluck them out more are just waiting to grow in...plucking these determined little hairs is harder than one would imagine. They cling to their little follicles, or what ever it is they "grow" in, and refuse to give up that space. Tenancious little hairs mocking the fact that the rest of my skin is becoming soft and losing the firmness of youth. I don't mind the wrinkles on my face, I earned them all. But the hairs serve no purpose I can discern except to annoy me. And of course I am further annoyed by the fact that my eyesight is going, so, while I can feel these hairs, I usually can't see them. OK, I could go out any buy a magnifying mirror, that might help. However another aspect of turning 50 is increasing forgetfulness...I simply don't remember that I want a magnifying mirror when I am out working or running errands. I'd worry about this forgetfulness being something more serious, but all the women's web-med sites assure me that it is a common symptom of menopause (or in my case perimenopause)....

Someday, maybe, I will remember to add "magnifying mirror" to my shopping list and I'll get one. Or I'll be in the mood for some impulse shopping and just happen to be in a store that sells magnifying mirrors and see one, then I'll buy it. Or maybe I'll see it and remember, but decide that spending money on a magnifying mirror is too vain, then I'll just continue plucking-by-feel.


Songbird said…
It's no fun to search for them. I can feel them, but not see them.Bleh.
revabi said…
You know I am right there with you. I have the magnifying mirror too.
I heard it was testerone in the women's body as we go through menopause. Aren't we just lovely up there ladies. in the pulpit.
LutheranChik said…
I once invested far too much time in electrolysis...which if anything seemed to cultivate NEW hair.

Now I just do a regular chin feel, and when I get too hairy I make a date to spend about 20 minutes sitting on my bathroom sink, tweezering them out one by one. It's all about suffering for beauty, you know.;-)
will smama said…
It ain't just the menopausers... I have had those pesky things for a long while, thank you Mom and Gram for passing THAT down. I have made my husband promise me - PROMISE ME - that if need be he will come into the nursing home and pluck those durn things.

Glad to know search and destroy is most likely the best option.
I am more than over-the-hill though not the ripe age of 65 yet...and I also hear it's the know the male hormone in us. When menopause arrives this stuff gets stronger because the estrogen is less.

I search and shave...albeit carefully.

I wonder if some men are aware they have estrogen running around in their veins?

Makes life interesting doesn't it? When I was young I never thought I would be having to shave my brothers well, okay...but ME? I'm glad I didn't know.

We know God loves us every moment of our lives ... that includes through all the changes too.

diana said…
I think one more thing you should add to your list are skin care products. They will tackle the unwanted facial hair due to menopause . It'll take items with chapparal extract to inhibit the hair growth, which isn't too hard to find.

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