Driving Home

The wedding last Sat. night was delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed officiating at it and spending some time afterward mingling with the guests. My husband was with so that made it even more enjoyable for me. The next morning I rose, not nearly as early as I intended, and began my journey to return Ollie, the giant puppy, back to his rightful owner, my daughter. This meant driving to Chicago. And back.

Our drive to Chicago was uneventful although seemingly endless. I drove straight through stopping only for a four hour nap at a rest stop east of Amarillo Texas, and about seven other breaks (every two hours) to walk the dog, stretch, and eat. It simply seemed to be too much to try and find a hotel to accommodate me the dog. And the rest stop in Texas (I knew from [previous experience) was clean and secure. The stops are staffed with security folk who watch monitors all night. I felt comfortable enough to go inside and wash my face and brush my teeth. Returning to the car I put the seat back, so I was nearly in Ollies lap, pulled out my pillow and blanket and took a comfortable nap. The next day was another long one, landing me around 7:30pm at my daughters townhouse.

Ollie, who has been living with us in Arizona for six weeks, did not realize that he was home. That's because our daughter had moved and I was taking him to a home he'd never been too. His first response upon getting out of the car and seeing J's shadow in the light of the door was to bark. Protectively of me. That is until she said, "Ollie"...and he realized who she was, "Mom." He jumped and flipped and brushed up against her - oh, it was so cute.

The week went by quickly. I saw my brother who has cancer and my in-laws. I saw a couple of friends and got my massage table back. It's been on loan to someone for about four years...

This morning I sadly left Chicago to return to Arizona and promptly got a speeding ticket. It was a lapsed moment of passing a truck and not paying attention as I drove into a speed trap...a sneaky one at that. About four of us were pulled over all in a row. sigh. It's my first ever. I wonder if it is a bad omen?

Now I am resting in a hotel in Weatherford, Oklahoma, about half way, or 900 miles of the 1800 mile trip. In a week's time I will have driven over 3600 miles..... Without a big dog I can stay in a hotel and look forward to a good nights sleep. I've showered, done some yoga, read email, and am drinking some delicious tea (Chamomile nights) sent to me by a friend - you know who you are. It's perfect and has helped me feel like I have stopped. The first little while out of a car after 13 hours of driving one feels like one is still in motion.....but now, I've stopped, and am feeling sleepy.

Tomorrow I'll drive the rest of the way home.


Diane M. Roth said…
wow, what a trip. traveling mercies to you, still...
Prayers for your journey.
Jennifer said…
Blessings. Sorry we couldn't connect while you were here. Hope you have a safe, good trip back.
Jan said…
Rest well for the return trip.
Lori said…
Rats about that tickets. It's a ticket. Not an omen. You know, "omen" backwards is "Nemo" who was trying to get home too....so there you go.

Traveling mercies still.

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