RevGals Friday Five: Rerun Edition

Songbird, over at RevGalBlogPals, is commenting on summer reruns for her favorite television shows. She wonders:

In honor of this annual Time Warp, please share five things worth a repeat. These could be books, movies, CDs, recipes, vacations, or even TV shows.

I rarely re-read a book. In fact, I never re-read fiction. (although I may change my mind on that, as I have a few favorites now on my iPod. Listening to audiobooks while knitting is very relaxing. I also listen to audiobooks while driving). I do re-read theology books, liturgy books, Bible "interpretation" and ethics. I also re-read Mary Oliver poetry books, again and again and again.

Some of my favorite, easy breezy, comedy movies, I watch over and over. Usually I catch them on a television movie channel, midway into the movie, but since I've already seen it, it becomes background entertainment while I do something else. That something else is usually blog, or read blogs. The same holds true for a few action or drama movies.

On the other hand, I have little interest in watching television shows in in the summer I go looking for new programs, like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "America's Got Talent"...

Recipes are one area that I tend to repeat, often. We have a few favorites in my household, usually simple grilled summer foods with homemade pasta or potato salad (my mother's recipe), salad or corn on the cob. I like to make my grandmother's homemade cake recipe - she called it "boiled raisin cake" - it's a spice cake with raisins and a caramel like icing. I like to use that same icing recipe on a simple white cake. Well, I could go on and on about recipe repeats - sometimes we get stuck in a rut, eating the same foods over and over - and then I have to hunt for a new favorite.

Music is another area where I tend to listen to the same music CD over and over and over. For this reason I really like the shuffle feature on my iPod, which randomly selects the order of music I hear. It amuses me, in the selections made, and usually pulls up an old favorite that I have forgotten. Last Monday I sat outside on my deck, a warm sunny day, drinking peach iced tea, reading, and listening to music on my iPad. The shuffle selection was perfect!


Sharon said…
You made me think that the shuffle feature on iPod is to music as the lectionary is to preaching. Both keep us from getting stuck while still offering repeats often enough. Your last Monday sounds like a day worth repeating over and over again!
Unknown said…
I agree with Sharon! That Monday sounds fabulous. Repeat!
I am the same way with favorite movies...I can pick them up at any spot. Likewise for the TV Series, MASH.
Teri said…
I want to repeat your Monday too! awesome!
would you mind sending up that kind of 'warm sunny day'? 22 here today but you wouldn't know it with the wind :) thx for sharing and inspiring us - in so many areas!
Jan said…
I like favorite recipes, too. In fact, today I bought a cupcake for a friend, but couldn't choose the carrot cake one because MY recipe is so good!

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