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A prayer on an early morning in autumn

I wish I could capture the gentle morning light soft lavender and pink, caressing the green trees that hold a hint of fall, a little red and yellow
I wish I could capture the peace of early light the song of birds waking and rabbits nibbling clover signs that life goes on no matter the angst of humans
I wish I could hold the beauty of this world before all the anger and angst and fear of people and say, all will be well if we but love one another
I wish I could hold the love that God has  for God's creatures and creation as an embrace a holding place of calm and peace and grace
I wish I could carry everyone in this holding place and soothe the worries with a gentle touch to furrowed brows with a pat on the back and soothing sway, like calming babies
I wish that each one of us could look at one's self and wonder, how could I be different? What is being triggered in me? Instead of casting out anxiety, taking time to understand self.
I wish for a world of that embraces the rich diversity of life an…

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