“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Friday, May 25, 2007

A fifteenth birthday

If we were Latin we would be celebrating a quincenera tonight, our sons 15th birthday....he was born 15 years ago today, on Memorial Day, at 12:45am, yup, just barely into the day. I was the last woman in to the maternity ward that night, arriving about midnight...but I was the first to deliver. I told them when I arrived, and could barely think or walk ('cuz I was in transition damn it...I mean, well, if you've ever been in transition you know it's an altered state of being...). Anyway. I told them. no more history, this baby is ready!...so within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital he was born.

Alas, the cord was around his neck TWICE....so it was - mid labor - "stop pushing"...now. I had no meds. And really the pain was not bad. (my first was back labor all the way, that was intense, very intense, but this one, piece of cake...)...anyway. Stop pushing. I did. but it was tough. His apgar was 9, and then 9. So. good. But they took him for 8 hours to make sure he was ok. Me I slept about two hours, and then the phone calls. My mother. (May she rest in peace)...etc etc...I came home the next day. Felt great.

What a Memorial Day. And now, we celebrate it again. 15 years later...time really flies.

Friday Five: Hard habit to Break

Reverendmother over at RevGals says: As many of you know, I have been experimenting with some severely curtailed Internet usage. I realized that I had gotten into some bad habits, which got me thinking about habits in general. I understand that a habits/random facts meme has already been going around. In the hopes that it hasn't hit too many of us yet, be as lighthearted or as serious as you'd like with the following:

1. Have you ever successfully quit a bad habit, or gotten a good habit established? Tell us about how you did it. One of the techniques I used to get through seminary with decent grades, while raising two kids (one was 7, the other 3 when I started): I managed to be home with them after school and through dinner, bath, and bedtime story. Then about 7:30 I'd head off for my study cubicle on campus and work like mad for three hours. Then I'd come home at 10:30 to watch Jay Leno (or David Letterman) and - here's the habit - eat a huge bowl of ice cream. Every night, a huge bowl of ice cream. Years later, after several sinus infections I realized that a lot of ice cream before bed, and without allergy meds, was making me sick. So. I quit. It was actually harder than I thought. But now I settle for tea and a few cookies, or maybe a low fat ice cream bar. I'm content and sinus infection free for years.

2. "If only there were a 12-step program for _________________!" I've done a lot of hard work in my life to take care of myself. Granted, I'm fifty. And, well, I my childhood did not exactly prepare me for life, so I had to do this work. So. I still do and am grateful for those who work with me to keep me healthy. BUT - one thing I need to do better - exercise again. sigh. And what I need to make that happen - stop blogging so much - ok Reverendmother, I've read your blog and now I'm in denial lalalalalalala......

3. Share one of your healthy "obsessions" with us. I have found, that I really appreciate writing on my blog as a healthy outlet and semi-anonymous personality. I also appreciate reading others and remembering that I am neither unique in problems nor alone, and there are many special people I've connected with via RevGals. So. even as I say I need to add exercise back into my life, I will not give up blogging. Maybe only my fingers need exercise at this point in my life...?

4. Share the habit of a spouse, friend or loved one that drives you C-R-A-Z-Y. My darling husband eats breakfast standing up watching the news. He says its' because he's on the go, getting our son up and out the door for school, etc. and sitting down, well he is only eating to stave off hunger not relax and enjoy his food. But he also does the same thing at lunch time. I avoid being around when he does this. Of course if we are eating together, then he sits down. But for some reason it makes me nuts. And after 22 years I've given up suggesting he sit down only to have him grunt or look at me, or not....sigh.

5. "I'd love to get into the habit of ___________________." Doing yoga every day. I did it for nine years, loved it. Now I am out of the habit...and can't get back into it. Maybe I should take a class on Tai Chi instead, trying something new usually works for me...I get excited and well, I am a bit obsessive...

Bonus: What is one small action you might take immediately to make #5 a reality? find a class and sign up for it. but that sounds like too much work...so I may not do it anytime soon.

Bonus 2: Try it, and let us know how it goes in a future post! Ok. If I do, you'll be the first to know.