“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Monday, July 04, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

"We've broken all tradition," said my husband, as we settled into a morning cup of coffee. I was just thinking the same thing. With our children grown and living in another state we haven't done the usual round of holiday BBQ's and festivals, and fireworks. We didn't even have our traditional Wimbledon brunch on Saturday. Instead, with his work schedule, we grabbed a quick breakfast, saw some of the women's playoff game, and then walked the dogs before he left for work. His schedule most days: the 2-11PM shift. And, he's worked every holiday since we moved, often working closing the store ten days in a row before getting a couple of days off.

That means I am left to my own devices most afternoons and evening. I can manage to fill up that time with yoga, reading, my exercise DVD, a bike ride....and time spent on Facebook or blogging. But, this is not our tradition.

I guess we will begin to create new traditions as time goes on. I am leading a Fourth of July service this morning at the church. That's a first for this place, at least in recent memory. In my first call we offered a Fourth of July weekday service, using the lessons from Lesser Fasts and Feasts. While I am not inclined to make too much of national, secular, holidays at a Sunday morning service, I am ok with adding in a special weekday service for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving...

Nonetheless I am pondering the reality that a week ago we held an Interfaith Service, followed by this week a celebration of the Fourth. I think we may be able to describe ourselves as an Expansive Church, one willing to embrace a wide range of liturgical realities, as an authentic expression of this community. Many of the same folks who appreciated the interfaith service are also grateful for a celebration of the Fourth....

This morning finds me reflecting on traditions, old and new. What about you? What traditional things will you do today, this week, or what new things are you creating?

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