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RevGals Friday Five: Season Change

The Nominees for Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Chicago

Music Meeting

Getting Ready for Fall

Loving Makes Whole Again

RevGals Cultural Friday 5

A Poem by Denise Levertov

Caller ID

I don't know what to think, but it makes me sad

Passion Like Tongues of Fire

Odd Synchronicity....

RevGals Friday Five: Word Association Redux

Twenty Two Years Married

My Body is Wacked

Song of the Builders

Back To Work

Monday Morning Musings

Sunday Morning Special

Jumping to Conclusions

Gone Silent

A Play Day In Chicago

RevGals Friday Five: Stress Buster

A progressive poetry party....

Ghalib, a poet (1797-1869)

More Vacation?

On A Lighter Note: another Mary Oliver poem

Growing In , Growing Out, Growing Up

If My Mother Were Alive Today She'd Be 68...

Millenium Park

RevGals Friday Five: Pilgrimage

Same Blog, new color scheme

More Praying


Two More Days of Vacation: What I've Been Doing