“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Monday Musing, but It's Not THAT Monday..

It's the Monday BEFORE Holy Week. Two Monday's from today it will all be complete - the Holy Week and Easter event! So, it's Monday, but not that Monday....

Today has been a full day. It is my day off but I did to a little "work." I went shopping and bought some plants and decorative items for Holy Week and Easter. I did this today because I had a feeling that the rest of the week, when I have a little free time, would quickly fill up.

And, of course, it has.

We now have a wake on Thursday and a funeral on Friday.

I suspected this was coming because on Friday a parishioner went into hospice. That day I drove out to the hospital where I prayed the prayers for the dying for this beloved parishioner. Thankfully this person did not linger long, was at peace, and well cared for. But, my not so busy week before Holy Week has just become busy. (Thank goodness I did that shopping today).

But honestly, it is my privilege to celebrate the life of this parishioner and all that this person was to this community. A real delight back in the day! And as someone who was 91 years old, and married in the church 60 some odd years ago, a person with a long history in this church. We will celebrate well! This person's spouse died shortly after I arrived here, a mere nine months ago. And so we may do the same service - same readings and all. Or not, we'll see... Two beloved saints, loved in this church, rejoined in the life here after. May they rest in peace, rest in God's love.

I do have work to do on the worship services for Palm Sunday, the Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Great Vigil) and Easter Day. I mean, I have already done a lot of work, but all of the services need some finishing touches. Plus I am rewriting the Stations of the Cross for Good Friday, two versions - one for kids and one for adults. So tonight, as I watch The Voice and Smash, I will be tweaking the Stations. I will ponder the phrases and words, theology....I hope that the words will speak into the reality of the world we live in today.....a world that is twisted and broken by the ways we carry prejudice, hatred, fear, sexism, but try to bury them under a false sense of "politically correct." (although frankly, What does that mean?  - these days the political rhetoric is horrid.)

So finishing up some deep soul work. A funeral for someone I love. And some writing for Holy Week, about someone who loves me, and, you.

That's my week. What about yours?