“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I must admit I have really found it a challenge to ponder that which I am grateful for, ordered by the letters of the alphabet. Mostly a challenge because I simply can't think of anything for the letter of the day. And today is "R"...sigh

R - my brother. We kind of lost each other for a number of years, but now we talk regularly and, well, it's Really great. He's a red head like my mother, his daughter has the same beautiful dark red/auburn hair. He has done some amazing things with his life and, like me, has a tendency toward optimism. We are only 14 months apart and were really close for much of our childhood.

Red: I love the color red.

Red Wine: enjoy a glass with dinner. Frankly, although I LOVE them too....I get tired of water, coffee, and iced tea - the other beverages I tend to drink. No cola's for me - bad bad bad for me. So, a glass of wine with dinner is delightful. Although, I must admit, it also makes me drowsy...yeah, one glass is my limit...sigh...two and I may as well go to bed. (am I old yet?).

Rock and Roll - yes, I am a child of the 60/70's. In the late 1960's I bought my first album, with money I earned by getting good grades - it was, Led Zepplin whole lotta love...and I used to play the album on my stereo as I fell asleep...

Roses - all kinds. all colors. always. And mostly I am grateful to have four beautiful rose bushes in my backyard...I can't bear to cut the flowers off, so I just have to sit outside and enjoy them.

Risk - I am not a HUGE risk taker, but I do take risks. I love a challenge (uhm, anyone reading my blogs and where my "career" has taken me, might guess this)....(ok, so not quite this much/kind of challenge). But I am willing to take a risk, with the possibility that it just might be the Holy Spirit callin'

Ruby - my sweet sweet Vizsla. And Roxie, my labrador/red heeler mix...an awesome dog! Oh my, sweet dogs! They are fun, loving, and funny. Great companions, more than pets, they are members of our family.