“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.”
Poet Muriel Rukeyser

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

V, what???

I can't believe that I have been writing these alphabet focused gratitude reflections long enough to come to "V"...what the heck does one say about V?....

Vestments - oh, I do love some of the beautiful attire we clergy get to wear. Back at my former parish we had a gorgeous white silk chasuble...really beautiful. And in some churches really old vestments, well made, hand embroidered. Amazing how years ago these holy men would wear such flowery finery. And, now, I get to wear them. Although generally speaking I like to be simple....an alb and a stole. But then I am considering some new albs from womenspirit.

I'd like to say Vermont or Virginia - but I've never been to Vermont and the one time I drove through Virginia was in the dark of night....but I hear they are beautiful states - so I'm grateful they exist, even when I haven't seen them. Is it obvious that I am struggling here?

Voice: oh yes, I am grateful for voice - that I can, that we can, speak. For voice that speaks authentically. For voice that speaks love. For voice that speaks truth. For voices of justice.

Vanilla: ice cream and latte's.

Vinegar: balsamic, raspberry, that kind...on baby greens with goat cheese....


Some of the "U's" I'm grateful for:

Universe - I love looking up at the stars and pondering what's out there

Utah - the state of my birth, and so beautiful. Love the Rocky Mountains the surround Salt Lake City, love the desert, love it all.

Uncle - my mother's brother. He's been an important person in my life.

Urban - I used to live right in the heart of a major city - and I loved the urban life - walking along the lake, riding my bike, easy access to restaurants, parks, no car...it was wonderful when I was single, and newly married....but never lived there with kids.

USA - I do not display huge patriotism, but I am really grateful to have had the stroke of luck to be born in this country. It makes me wonder what I am meant to do with my life, what kind of pay it forward sort of thing for this luck? I'm working on it.

Under - as in that which we wear under...and in particular, lace.

Upside down - I used to be able to stand on my head - yoga style. Still can, but not as well.